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New Logo Posted on 07 Apr 2020, 01:54 in Server and Site News

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Good evening, comrades,
Your leaders think our logo needs an upgrade. Docki wants to keep the shark, so as leader of the SKC clan we will respect him.
That doesn't mean we cant bring our shark from 200. to 2020! Lets improve it
So am challenging all of you SKC and not SKC to do a SKC shark "lifting"
Be audacious and original :mrgreen:
The best creator from our new SKC Shark Logo will have an award.

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Forum Maintenance closure Posted on 23 Feb 2020, 11:47 in Server and Site News

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Forum Registration is CLOSED for maintenance until new date.
Time to clean up the forum from the spreading spambot.

If you need an account, please contact me or another admin by giving us:
- a nickname
- a working email

I will create the account for you.

For your info: we're about to change the forum software soon, so we suggest to wait until that happens... but no problems if you wish an account now for any reason.

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Time to pass on the torch... Posted on 21 Feb 2020, 22:47 in [SKC] Clan News

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It's been a hell of a ride but all good things must come to an end. I'm not nearly active enough to be a clan leader.
After 13 !! years it's time to pass on the reigns of SKC to someone else.

Fuck polls, my final act as clan leader is to appoint my Italian fratello Dockinoke as your new overlord!
He's already been the de facto leader for a couple of months. Now it's official!

Love you all <3


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So this just happened... Posted on 01 May 2019, 00:00 in Server and Site News

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That was our last hamster that keeps the servers running. We urgently need a new batch of furry friends!

To make it all the way to 2020 we need 15 hamsters at €5 a piece.

All donations go directly to our resident hamster keeper, Mr Plodders.

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GOAL REACHED, THANK YOU!!!!!!! - Stop! Hamster Time! Posted on 01 Jan 2018, 20:31 in Server and Site News

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A very happy 2018 to all of you! At the start of the new year we again need to replace our furry friends by fresh ones. Thank you to everyone who made a contribution last year. I'm sure we can reach our goal again this year!
120 hamsters will produce enough electricity to keep the servers running for an entire year.

A hamster will only cost you €1.00*

All money is forwarded directly to Plodders who maintains the servers and the hamster farm.


Big thanks to the following peepz who already made a contribution!

[SKC]Z3ITM4NN - €9,31
Sebastian - €31,37
nakki - €21,03


Thank you mysterious Hungarian person!

Balázs Magyar - €10,69


Sweet lord, this must be a new speed record.

Tr4v - € 48,00
Lucapi - € 23,14
Zorx - € 5,52


You guys are fucking heros. I'll send €150 over to Plodders, which means we're good till March 2019!!


*Paypal adds a 3.4% + 35 cents fee to each transaction. PM me if you'd rather do a bank transfer.

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Top 5 Race
1. #00CC00MaReK_ 1906.96
2. #ff0000Faio 1765.57
3. Neve_exe 1619.13
4. Jatr2404 1587.97
5. [SKC]Tupac. 1524.22

Top 5 DD
1. darkdll 9789.54
2. JavenX 4274.37
3. canatasoy4 2719.86
4. kemal33 2674.9
5. #00ff99TiBAO 2089.95

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Dockinoke is SKC's Italian fratello and our new overlord!

TD Mystic and Whiskey looked after the SKC clan, and Whiskey was also our site admin.

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