SKC Racing Team - Application (upd: 08/2019)
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Posted: 13 Aug 2019, 06:56    Post subject: SKC Racing Team - Application (upd: 08/2019)

For anyone who wishes to join our Racing Team, just compile this form and post it via PM to me, Frank or AyyGor.


For DD and DM we're still invite only for now, as well described in last Whiskey's sticky.

Thank you for expressing interest in joining SofaKingCool.
Here is the application template every applicant must fill out.

1. In-game name:
2. Age:
3. Country of residence:
4. Do you actively play on one of our servers?:
5. Previous clan(s). (If any, why did you leave them):
6. Were you invited by one of our members? (If yes, give their name):
7. Why do you wish to join SKC?
8. Discord:
9. Provide a video of you racing (optional):
10. Additional information you want us to know about (optional):

In order to be accepted, you need 80% positive votes.
Your application will be held up for entire 2 weeks to allow time for our members to vote or until 10 votes have been casted. If you are listing that a member invited you, make sure that the SKC member has confirmed your invitation. If the member does not confirm your invitation within the two weeks, your application will be automatically declined. If you listed that a member invited you and they state that they didn't, you application will also be automatically declined.

Trial periods can range from 2 weeks to 1 month depending on your voting and how comfortable we are with you. That is why it is a good idea to get to know some of our members before applying. This will greatly improve your chances in getting in. Your trial period length will be announced alongside your acceptance confirmation. Your trial period will officially start after one of our leaders confirms it.

Reminder: This is your trial period, you will have a solid 2 weeks to 1 month timeframe to show us that your are commited to joining the team. Therefore, your activity during this time is crucial. You do not need to be in-game everyday but join in the game when you have time. Even forums and discord activity is good enough for us. Do not be a ghost.

If we feel you have not shown us your interest in joining SKC within your trial timeframe, then we will decline your trial status and encourage you to re-apply when time is subtle for you.

Once your trial periods ends, we will decide whether you are ready to become an official full SKC member. SKC full membership will be confirmed by our leaders.

Good luck!

Relax Rulez 8-)

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