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March Championship Winners

UP THE AUNTY Posted on 01 Nov 2013, 22:42 in [SKC] Clan News

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Special thanks for Sputs , Ivan and Csena for another amazing map and car , this time with a tribute to all skc members and a very special car allusive to our 7th anniversary .

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Happy 7th birthday SKC! Posted on 29 Oct 2013, 01:02 in [SKC] Clan News

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The number 7 is an intruiging and curious number, full of meanings and magic . For us it's also very special because IT'S SKC'S 7TH BIRTHDAY! Some would say its the end of an era, others the beginning, we say it's been 7 amazing years of gaming!!! Once again many thanks to our community that year after year keep this clan alive . So congratulations to all of you, also to the newer members, who will surely help SKC prevail for seven more years on the MTA scene. Wear that tag with pride ,we are something truly special. SyS and Whiskey

Props to Csena for the vid.



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The crown is back where it belongs! Posted on 28 Apr 2013, 21:55 in [SKC] Clan News

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SKC just won the MTA league after beating SiK in the final match! SKC was leading by 2 points going into the match. In case of defeat we would have had to settle for 3rd place and SGA would have won, followed by SiK. No such thing happened though and after 12 weeks the title is ours!

Special thanks goes out to Honya for organizing this great event, but also to all the other participating teams. The level of racing was likely the highest ever seen in the MTA racing arena.

You can watch a replay of the final match here (the war start 25 mins into the video)

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TeamSKC Shop Posted on 27 Jan 2013, 19:11 in Server and Site News

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Hi guys we have a new link on forum "SHOP" Have a good look and tell us what you think .
If you guys find any flaws or sugestions pls tell :)


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SKC wins the 2012-2013 Christmas Tournament! Posted on 14 Jan 2013, 19:35 in [SKC] Clan News

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Like last year, SKC took home the trophy in the Christmas Tournament organised by FoX!
In an epic final we beat SGA-FoX, 399-298. The SKC followers did really good as well, taking 4th place just behind 3rd place finisher SiK.

I want to thank everyone of our team who participated. Looking at raw speed, the final was probably our best performance yet. I also want to thank the other participating teams and especially Honya, who once again did a great job in organising this event.

For video footage of the final, click here (courtesy of [SiK]Sexmaniac)

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Top 5 Race
1. Smar[GR] 5533.96
2. [SKC]Puuks 4619.58
3. [SKC]PYGsteriK 4506.54
4. SenasTaksioras 3554.78
5. Wladez 2965.91

Top 5 DD
1. intizam98 1994.52
2. Abraxas 1961.08
3. NakkiJaMuusi 1785.91
4. vovo 1602.69
5. [SKC]Necktrox 1470.12

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