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September Championship Winners

We're running out of hamsters... Posted on 19 Jun 2014, 00:33 in Server and Site News

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...to keep the servers running!

Please push the donation button on the front page so we can buy a fresh load of furry friends. Anything will help, we need about 60 euros in total to get to the end of the year.


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Ultimate Speedway III Posted on 15 Jun 2014, 23:47 in Server and Site News

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Coming soon...

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It's coming! Posted on 10 Jun 2014, 10:24 in Server and Site News

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UP THE AUNTY Posted on 01 Nov 2013, 22:42 in [SKC] Clan News

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Special thanks for Sputs , Ivan and Csena for another amazing map and car , this time with a tribute to all skc members and a very special car allusive to our 7th anniversary .

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Happy 7th birthday SKC! Posted on 29 Oct 2013, 01:02 in [SKC] Clan News

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The number 7 is an intruiging and curious number, full of meanings and magic . For us it's also very special because IT'S SKC'S 7TH BIRTHDAY! Some would say its the end of an era, others the beginning, we say it's been 7 amazing years of gaming!!! Once again many thanks to our community that year after year keep this clan alive . So congratulations to all of you, also to the newer members, who will surely help SKC prevail for seven more years on the MTA scene. Wear that tag with pride ,we are something truly special. SyS and Whiskey

Props to Csena for the vid.



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Top 5 Race
1. sRx 10496.38
2. [SKC]Puuks 10101.35
3. [SKC]cypher 10022.04
4. [SKC]PYGsteriK 9997.84
5. [SKC]HumanTraffiC 9414.21

Top 5 DD
1. ##ccff00De#111111an 8507.53
2. Abraxas 5456.97
3. sysirlpie 5421.49
4. sQ|SpA#00ff00rKy 5306.31
5. Max_Veresh 4890.66

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TD Mystic and Whiskey look after the SKC clan, and Whiskey is also our site admin.

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