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February Championship Winners

TeamSpeak Server Posted on 16 Feb 2015, 20:29 in Server and Site News

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For those who are interested in voice-chat, we now have a TS server available. Kindly hosted by IWANATOR
You can join the server here:

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Temporary server downtime Posted on 10 Feb 2015, 11:13 in Server and Site News

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Our server is suffering from a failing harddrive. This makes playing Race, DD and DM impossible. For the time being the servers have been taken offline. We hope to have this fixed ASAP. Hopefully somewhere in the following hours or days.

Have no worries, we're coming back! We'll keep you posted in this thread when there's more news.


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Looking for new lamemods on DD and DM! Posted on 11 Jan 2015, 23:54 in Server and Site News

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Check out this thread!

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Race Server - Toptime Reset Posted on 01 Jan 2015, 23:26 in Server and Site News

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To celebrate the start of the new year, all toptimes have been reset!
Because we want the battle for toptimes to be more competitive, we're now also allowing ghosts to set records.

Happy 2015!

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Happy 8th Birthday SKC! Posted on 29 Oct 2014, 13:18 in [SKC] Clan News

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Today we celebrate our 8th birthday! When SKC started, nobody would have thought this story would go on for as long as it has. But here we are, it's 2014 and we're still going strong!
This year is gonna be an exciting one. We're working on a new server, a revamped website and GTA V is coming out in January. SKC is more alive than ever and it's all thanks to you guys. HIP HIP HURAY!!!


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Top 5 Race
1. [Eternal]DaBaR 4267.61
2. [SKC]ViRuS 2894.69
3. [SKC]PYGsteriK 2687.16
4. [SKC]Puuks 2559.36
5. [SKC]SmarGR 2461.15

Top 5 DD
1. IWAN#9A9A9AatOr 1853.44
2. [AVCI]komtan 1691.43
3. kemal33 1583.63
4. DHack 1471.7
5. #33ccffAraThoR 1442.94

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